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Smart classroom defense.

Students and teachers should share ideas, not bacteria and illness. Backed by scientific testing, DAB is the effective and affordable way to keep your staff healthy and kids learning.

Traditional hand sanitizers don’t pass the test.

Bacteria continue to develop resistance to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. DAB — Defense Against Bacteria — is a new patent-pending formulation that kills the most germs on contact and creates a glove-like barrier that protects for hours. It is:

  • Simple to use

    Simple to use

    All-day defense is available with DAB’s easy routine. Pump once in the morning and once after lunch for a healthy habit.

  • Alcohol-free


    DAB won’t irritate or dry out skin. It’s also odorless and won’t damage tile, wood, carpet, or paint.

  • Long-lasting


    DAB kills 99.99% of all hand-transmitted bacteria on contact. Then a glove-like barrier provides hours-long defense.

Products that perform.

  • Individual 45ml

  • Individual 250ml

  • Touch-free sanitizer dispenser 1200ml

  • Push sanitizer dispenser 1200ml

  • Push soap dispenser 1200ml

  • Brand stand with touch-free dispenser

For a DAB sanitizer or soap dispenser, email us or call 662-432-0076.