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Goodbye, germs.
Hello, sales.

DAB hand protectant and sanitizer foam kills the most germs on contact and creates a glove-like barrier that protects for hours. It’s safer and more powerful than old-fashioned hand sanitizer and backed by rigorous independent testing. Join the health revolution by distributing DAB.

DAB is the hand protectant pacesetter.

Bacteria continue to develop resistance to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. DAB’s exclusive, patent-pending foam formulation is disrupting the hand sanitizer market — for good.

  • Simple to use

    Simple to use

    All-day defense is available with DAB’s easy routine. Pump once in the morning and once after lunch for a healthy habit.

  • Alcohol-free


    DAB won’t irritate or dry out skin. It’s also odorless and won’t damage tile, wood, carpet, or paint.

  • Long-lasting


    DAB kills 99.99% of all hand-transmitted bacteria on contact. Then a glove-like barrier provides hours-long defense.

Our inventory

DAB comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of businesses large and small.

  • Individual 45ml

  • Individual 250ml

  • Touch-free sanitizer dispenser 1200ml

  • Push sanitizer dispenser 1200ml

  • Push soap dispenser 1200ml

  • Brand stand with touch-free dispenser

  • 1200ml refill bottle for sanitizer dispenser

  • 1200ml refill bottle for soap dispenser

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