Goodbye, germs.
Hello, sales.

DAB hand protectant and sanitizer foam kills the most germs on contact and creates a glove-like barrier that protects for hours. It’s safer and more powerful than old-fashioned hand sanitizer and backed by rigorous independent testing. Join the health revolution by distributing DAB.

DAB is the hand protectant pacesetter.

Some bacteria have shown increasing tolerance to alcohol based hand sanitizer. DAB’s exclusive, patent-pending foam formulation is disrupting the hand sanitizer market — for good.

  • Simple to use

    Simple to use

    All-day defense is available with DAB’s easy routine. Pump once in the morning and once after lunch.

  • Alcohol-free


    DAB won’t irritate or dry out skin. It’s also odorless and won’t damage tile, wood, carpet, or paint.

  • Long-lasting


    DAB kills 99.99% of all hand-transmitted bacteria on contact. Then a glove-like barrier provides hours-long defense.

Our inventory

DAB comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of businesses large and small.

  • 1.52 fl oz - Packs

  • 8.45 fl oz - Packs

  • Gallon with Foam Pump

  • Touch-free foam pump dispenser 800ml
    White and Black options available

  • Manual foam pump dispenser 800ml
    White, Black and Stainless Steel options available

  • Brand stand with touch-free dispenser

  • 1200ml refill bottle for sanitizer dispenser

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