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With unmatched power, DAB kills the most germs. DAB's alcohol-free hand protectant and sanitizer foam is safer, more effective and backed by rigorous testing. Join the health revolution by distributing DAB.

DAB is Different

Bacteria continue to develop resistance to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. DAB — Defense Against Bacteria — is disrupting the hand sanitizer market. Our exclusive foam formulation* destroys 99.99% of bacteria on contact. Every pump of DAB kills bacteria that studies show are more tolerant to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Since it's alcohol-free, skin stays soft with no smell. DAB is safe for tiled, waxed, wooden, carpeted and painted surfaces.

  • Simple to use

    Simple to use

    All-day defense is available with DAB’s easy routine. Pump once in the morning and once after-lunch for a healthy habit.

  • Alcohol Free

    Alcohol Free

    DAB won’t irritate or dry out skin. It’s also non-flammable and safer to use than alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

  • Long Lasting

    Long Lasting

    DAB kills 99.99% of all hand-transmitted bacteria on contact. Then a glove-like barrier provides hours-long defense.

  • UV Visible

    UV Visible

    The DAB bacteria barrier is immediately visible under a UV light, and stays visible for hours. That’s science so good, it glows.

Our Products

DAB’s innovative alcohol-free hand protectant and sanitizer foam comes in a variety of sizes.

  • 45ml Bottles


    45ml Bottles

    Single use bottles keep DAB on hand and make keeping the simple two-pump routine easy for anyone.

  • 250ml Bottles


    250ml Bottles

    DAB offers a larger bottle for businesses and organizations looking to keep their teams and customers healthier.

  • 1200ml Refills


    1200ml Refills

    DAB’s proprietary touch-free and manual dispensers deliver a precise .75ml application so there’s ZERO waste.

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Get DAB for your business today.

Get DAB for your business today.

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