The Best Alcohol-Free Defense Against Bacteria on the Planet

DAB sanitizes and protects your hands from all the ick out there. A simple twice-daily habit keeps you and yours worry-free and healthy.

What Makes DAB So Amazing?

It's science! DAB does more than kill bacteria on contact. With a twice-daily routine, it provides hours of defense like a champ. DAB can't make other people less gross, but it can keep you healthy.

  • Simple 2-Pump Routine

    Simple 2-Pump Routine

    All-day defense is yours! Pump once in the AM and once after lunch for a daily habit that lasts for hours. Yes, hours of bacteria-killing power.

  • Super Protection in UV

    Super Protection in UV

    Apply DAB, hold your hands under a UV light, and you'll see the bacteria barrier protecting you right there, and for hours longer. That's science so good, it glows.

  • Long-Lasting Bacteria Busting

    Long-Lasting Bacteria Busting

    You get the glory of killing 99.999% of all hand- transmitted bacteria on contact. Then, you get the power of a glove-like barrier that provides hours-long defense against ick.

  • Subscribe or Grab Some DAB

    Subscribe or Grab Some DAB

    Maybe you like convenience and want a DAB subscription to show up every month. Maybe you like the option of a one-time purchase. DAB the way you want.