The Best Mother-Pumpin’ Defense Against Bacteria on the Planet

DAB sanitizes and protects your hands from all the ick out there. A simple twice-daily habit keeps you and yours worry-free and healthy.

What Makes DAB So Amazing?

It's science! DAB does more than kill bacteria on contact. With a twice-daily routine, it provides hours of defense like a champ. DAB can't make other people less gross, but it can keep you healthy. Guaranteed*.

  • Simple 2-Pump Routine

    Simple 2-Pump Routine

    All-day defense is yours! Pump once in the AM and once in the PM for a daily habit that kills. We're so sure that we offer a 100% sick-free guarantee*.

  • Super Protection in UV

    Super Protection in UV

    Apply DAB, hold your hands under a UV light, and you'll see the bacteria barrier protecting you right there, and for hours longer. That's science so good, it glows.

  • Long-Lasting Bacteria Busting

    Long-Lasting Bacteria Busting

    You get the glory of killing 99.999% of all hand- transmitted bacteria on contact. Then, you get the power of a glove-like barrier that provides hours-long defense against ick.

  • Subscribe or Grab Some DAB

    Subscribe or Grab Some DAB

    Maybe you like convenience and want a DAB subscription to show up every month. Maybe you like the option of a one-time purchase. DAB the way you want.

Why Do Our Subscriptions Rock?

Let's talk options. Options are good! An affordable subscription gets DAB to your door every month. Plus, we make it crazy easy to pause, add and share the DAB love.

  • Try It Free

    Try It Free

    We're so confident you'll totally dig DAB, your first month is on us. Go on, give it a try!*

  • Ship On Us

    Ship On Us

    DAB subscriptions come right to your door, and shipping and handling are always free.

  • Share Some

    Share Some

    Refer up to five friends a month. If one grabs the DAB and subscribes, you get your next month free — and all our love.

  • Add More

    Add More

    When your family grows or your world gets grosser, you can level up your subscription and add more sanitizing protection for your crew.

  • Hold It

    Hold It

    Heading out of town? We make it easy to put your subscription on hold while you're away, or cancel if you need to.

Sick free 100% guarantee

DAB Subscriptions Come With Our 100% Sick-Free Guarantee

It's one thing for a soap or hand sanitizer to kill germs. It's a whole 'nother thing for a product to sanitize and protect. Yes, provide ongoing protection—we're talking hours here people—from the gross bacteria that can cause illness. It's how DAB is different. Beyond annihilating 99.999% of the bacteria on your hands, DAB creates a UV-visible barrier that provides hours of protection. That's sanitizing and protection power, friends, and that's nothing to sneeze at. Really, those cold germs are doomed.

For every member of your family, DAB is an easy way to prevent illness. Imagine it now. Not getting sick! No missed school or work, or missing the really fun stuff like vacations and birthday parties. All it takes is a twice-daily habit to keep you healthier. We're so proud of what DAB does that we offer a 100% Sick-Free Guarantee. If you used DAB correctly, still get sick from hand-transmitted bacteria and opt to see your doc, we'll cover your copay. For real.

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