The Best Way To Cure Winter’s Hand Sanitizer Irritation.


Two things happen when the weather cools and the leaves start to Fall. The spread of germs increases and the dry air starts to irritate our hands.

Most of us grab our hand sanitizer more often during these winter months and we are all too familiar with the burning sting on dry, chapped hands.

This burning sensation is caused by the alcohol in most hand sanitizers. Alcohol strips the skin barrier of important proteins and lipids, resulting in dryness and irritation.


The Dry Hand Cycle and How To Relieve the Effects of Alcohol on Your Hands

Irritated, cold hands touch germy surfaces, you apply alcohol-based sanitizer, this sanitizer further dries and irritates hands. Thus, creating the unhappy “dry hand cycle”.

There are two easy solutions to prevent the irritation of alcohol on your hands.

  • Use an alcohol-free hand sanitizer
  • Slather lotion onto your hands after every application of alcohol-based sanitizer creating a two-step process.

 If you’re the person who needs the quicker, alcohol-free, one step option-keep reading.


DAB Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-free, fragrance-free foam that is the quick solution to this painful cycle.


Benefits of this clinically proven hand sanitizer formula.

  • Clinically proven to continue providing 4-hours of 99.98% protection from germs per application.

So you don’t have to re-apply every time you touch something germy. Only after washing hands or after 4 hours.

  • The active ingredient (BZK) is 1 of 3 FDA allowed active ingredients for hand sanitizers. The other two? Alcohol based actives.
  • Evaluated in the American Journal of Infection Control-twice.
  • Has the same kill times as an alcohol-based sanitizer-just longer lasting.
  • Isn’t sticky and leaves skin feeling soft.
  • Paraben-free
  • Alcohol-free & fragrance-free


Dab Hand Sanitizer takes their science and the dry hand cycle seriously. To read more about independent studies and additional benefits go to https://dabprotects.com/pages/science-1

Remember to always keep your skin moisturized, especially during the dry, winter months but making the change to an alcohol-free sanitizer will help stop the dry hand cycle. Click here for hand moisturizer recommendations.


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