Product Catalogue 2020 | DAB Hand Sanitizer

About Us:

DAB was invented in Corinth, MS in 2015 by founder, Trey King, in his compounding laboratory. Our formula was developed using proprietary technology to provide a reduction in surface tension creating a uniform cover. DAB penetrates into areas on the skin where germs hide and other sanitizers cannot reach. This ability to stick to the skin, unlike alcohol sanitizers, allows DAB to bind like a glove-like barrier for hours of protection.

The DAB formula was developed out of a need to help reduce cross contamination in a pharmaceutical setting when bacteria had shown more tolerance to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

- Trey King, Founder of DAB Hand Sanitizer + Protectant

Unlike most hand sanitizers that use alcohol, DAB uses germicide, Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK), an organic salt classified as a quaternary ammonium compound. Along with alcohol, BZK is one of three germicides allowed by the FDA for “hand rub” use.

We use a pharmaceutical-grade blend of Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK). And yes, there is a difference! This means there are no impurities and the quality assurance is superior to industrial-grade BZK formulations.

What Makes Us Different:

  • FDA allowed active ingredient
  • Independently tested + clinically proven
  • Scientist created for ultimate protection
  • Ethyl & Isopropyl Alcohol-Free
  • Non-Flammable
  • Safe for floor + wall surfaces
  • Non-Irritating and Non-Drying
  • Formulated without: Parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or fragrances

Manufactured in an FDA CGMP facility | Suppliers are pre-qualified Materials/components meet specs before use | Batched QA Tested every half hour Documentation reviewed before distribution

The Science Behind DAB:

DAB kills 99.99% of hand transmitted bacteria and continues killing 99.98% of tested bacteria continuously for 4 hours.

We continue to test our product and have recently appeared twice in a national peer-reviewed medical journal. These reports and the test results against a surrogate coronavirus can be requested at hello@dabprotects.com. DAB’s effectiveness doesn’t just come from the active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride. It’s the DAB formula that makes the difference.

Think of it like baking. If five chefs use the same 10 ingredients to bake five cakes, none will taste identical. The chefs will use different ingredient amounts. Different techniques. Different baking times. Some cakes will be sweeter. Some will be lighter. And one will emerge superior.

A Word From Our Team:

The most important idea to consider is that it is not when we wash or sanitize our hands that we contract germs, but rather the time in between washes and applications. And DAB fills that gap.

Trey King, Founder of DAB Hand Sanitizer + Protectant

Innovative product formulation greatly influences the overall antimicrobial efficacy of hand sanitizers, and is equally as important as an active ingredient alone.

Dr. Sidney Bondurant, MD. Senior Medical Officer, DAB Hand Sanitizer + Protectant

Dispensers (Manual)

Simple, practical and robust, our dispenser suits every hygiene point in environments such as schools, offices commercial kitchens, medical facilities, light industrial workplaces and service stations. Easy to operate and maintain, the DAB dispenser is the ideal solution to create a hygienic and clean environment.

You can choose to dispense sanitizer from a refillable reservoir or pouches. This dispenser can be locked to our product, meaning customers can only use our sanitizer brand when you provide them with our dispensers.

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Manual Dispenser


• Fully disposable pump and pouch system available for high hygiene demanding places such as medical facilities

• Large front window to check stock levels. Stainless Steel dispenser has two side windows

• Robust ABS plastic on the White and Black option and strong, durable design on the Stainless Steel option

• Can be exclusive with the option of exclusive pin positions

• Available in White, Black or Stainless Steel

• Table Top and Floor Stands Available

• Dispenses 0.6ml foam sanitizer


SPECIFICATIONS – Manual Dispenser

Capacity Disposable Pouch 800ml refill

Dimensions and Weight White & Black – Height: 10”, Width: 4 3/4”, Depth: 4 3/4”, Weight: 1.3lbs

Dimensions and Weight Stainless Steel – Height: 10”, Width: 5”, Depth: 5”, Weight: 1.3lbs

Foam Pump .6ml

Dispensers (Touch-Free)

Touch-free sanitizer dispensing encourages better hygiene to any environment, and helps monitor the use by controlling the amount of sanitizer. No electrical fitting is required as each dispenser is economically operated by C cell batteries. It also features an auto-switch function between two battery compartments for longer running times. 

To ensure optimum cost savings, the device has a ‘sleep mode’ and a capacitive sensor that prevents accidental sanitizer delivery.

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Touch-Free Dispenser


• Touch-free mechanism encourages the highest hand hygiene

• Fully disposable pump and pouch system available for high hygiene demanding places such as medical facilities

• Large front window to check stock levels

• Robust ABS plastic

• Can be exclusive with the option of exclusive pin positions

• Available in White or Black

• Table Top and Floor Stands Available

• Dispenses 0.5ml foam sanitizer


SPECIFICATIONS – Touch-Free Dispenser

Capacity Disposable Pouch 800ml refill

Dimensions and Weight Height: 10 1/2”, Width: 6 1/2”, Depth: 4, Weight: 1.4 lbs.

Foam Pump 0.5ml

Batteries 4 x Standard Size C

Sanitation Station (Powered by DAB):

Sanitation Station is a unique solution to public health and safety measures while also providing an
opportunity to spotlight brands and sponsors. Ensure your employees, customers, or attendees stay
sanitized and feel confident in public spaces.

This All-Weather Unit is designed with coroplast, to better handle outdoor elements. This unit is ideal
for outdoor festivals, concerts, and sporting events.

Sanitation Station

• Perfect for offices, schools, grocery stores, gyms, trade shows and indoor/outdoor events
• Ample real estate for branding opportunities
• All-Weather Unit
• Commercial grade Stainless Steel foam hand sanitizer pump (est. 5,000 pumps per gallon). Manual and touch-free pump available
• Conveniently ships flat as a kit with a heavy-duty stand



  • Capacity 1 Gallon
  • Dimensions and Weight Height: 35.875”, Width: 14.75”, Depth: 19.5”
  • Foam Pump Manual and Touch-Free

Foam in a Box

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Foam in a Box

• Tabletop Dispenser
• Ample real estate for branding opportunities
• Manual or Touch-free pump options
• Smaller footprint with 1 gallon of foam sanitizer
• Made of all-weather materials
• Additional signage attachments available
• Can be used as ah a weighted base, countertop dispenser, or mounted to a heavy-duty stand with a weighted base.



  • Capacity 1 Gallon
  • Dimensions Height: 12”, Width: 6.25”, Depth: 6.25”
  • Foam Pump Manual and Touch-Free