LIVE LIFE. A little DAB. A Lot Of Care.

Alcohol-free, researched and clinically proven, DAB Hand Sanitizer + Protectant kills bacteria on contact and creates a safe, glove-like barrier that PROTECTS FOR UP TO 4 HOURS PER APPLICATION.

What Makes Us Different.

A recent American Journal of Infection Control article says DAB’s formulation testing results “show a major improvement in persistent antibacterial activity” when compared to traditional hand sanitizers.

DAB’s groundbreaking formulation is:

Long lasting, kills 99.98% of germs for 4 hours
FDA allowed active ingredient
Independently tested + clinically proven
Scientist created for ultimate protection
Ethyl & Isopropyl Alchohol-Free
Safe for floor + wall surfaces
Non-Irritating and Non-Drying
Pharmaceutical grade of BZK, not commercial grade
Formulated without: Parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or fragrances


I haven’t gotten sick this year while using DAB. Even after taking care of my sick Dad in the hospital.

Daycare.com, survey participant

We tested DAB at one of our restaurants earlier this year and it has resulted in that particular location having only one case of the Flu and no cases of Strep through the Flu season. All of our other 15 locations have seen multiple cases of each. We are in the process of rolling it out everywhere and highly recommend it.

B. Bean, Chief Operations Officer/Owner, Eat With Us Group of Columbus, MS

I love that it actually made my hands feel really soft and not sticky!! No burning feeling at all! It’s nice to know that it works longer than other hand sanitizer’s out there.

Lizzy Musi, 3x winner on Street Outlaws, No Prep Kings, Discovery Channel